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Award Winning Family Entertainment Company Brings One-of-a-Kind Puppet Experience to Michigan!


About the Show

Join Mister Mullin and his magical house full of puppet critters in an adventure where the unique and unusual all belong! On a whimsical journey filled with songs and games, Mister Mullin leads the way, unlocking a world of imagination for kids and families to explore. As the story unfolds, strange and wonderful things begin to happen, mysteries appear that must be solved, and everyone learns you can do anything if you believe in yourself!

Mullin & Friends is an original show by Mullin Entertainment. Known for their collection of award winning puppet characters, Mullin Entertainment is everything fun and whimsical about childhood crammed into one company. Their creations have been featured at Harvard University, their first short film was awarded by The Jim Henson Company in an international competition, and their work has been featured at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta and the Detroit Zoo.

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