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Mullin & Friends

Join Mister Mullin and his magical house full of puppet critters in an adventure where the unique and unusual all belong!

On a whimsical journey filled with songs and games, Mister Mullin leads the way, unlocking a world of imagination for kids to explore. As the story unfolds, strange and wonderful things begin to happen, mysteries appear that must be solved, and everyone learns that you can do anything if you believe in yourself!

Mullin & Friends is the perfect assembly to get elementary students excited about reading and language arts. The show, which runs approximately 45 minutes to one hour, is filled with fun word play, letter puzzles, and riddles that encourage creative thinking and invite kids to use their problem solving skills to help save the day. Get ready to make friends with curious critters, mull over mysteries, and use your imagination, because anything is possible with Mullin & Friends!

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Mullin & Friends – At A Glance:

Grades: K-5

Run Time: 45 mins to 1 hour

Themes: Language Arts, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving

Our Most Popular Assembly – Returning for the third school year!